with Megan Hottman

Ep.34: Jason and Cor.us: Managing Stress

 Jason is an inspiration because to me, he just owns it. He owns how he shows up for his family, for his work team, for his own hobbies and need for exercise. He just makes it so. I’m sure that isn’t the full or true story every single day, but on the whole, my perception of Jason is that he’s in the driver’s seat of his life, and I really REALLY appreciate people like that. You can learn more about Jason and his business here: https://cor.us/pages/team.

Regarding the whole work life balance… it’s shouldn’t be such a stark divide that work is inherently bad and life outside it is good. I try and keep somewhat odd hours to spend the awake time with my kids, and certainly could always do more of that but could always do more on the business too – so I try and avoid feeling too much regret about either side, because there’s never a perfect approach for both.
— Jason Abromaitis
Jason and his family

Jason and his family